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Long-term vision & strategy

The Capital Region International Airport Master Plan provides a long-term vision and strategy for the airport and serves as a guide for future development. The Master Plan outlines how future needs will be accommodated in a financially feasible manner that is sensitive to the aviation, business, social and environmental interests of the community. Long-term development and industry forecasting is part of a Master Plan, and the typical planning for a Master Plan is 20 years.



Master Plan Update



The CRAA is in the process of a Master Plan update. The update will take place during 2023-2024, with final completion anticipated in early 2025.


The intent of the update is to provide guidance that will enable the CRAA to strategically position the airport for the future by maximizing operational efficiency and business effectiveness, as well as maximizing property availability for aeronautical and non-aeronautical development through efficient planning.


Funding will be provided through the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). Engineering and planning services will be in accordance with the FAA and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) guidelines for AIP funded projects.

Project Phases

The Master Plan update process is split into multiple project phases. 

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Phase One



Phase Two



Phase Three

Solutions & Implementation


Phase Four


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