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Support Lansing

When you fly Lansing, you’re directly supporting Greater Lansing by putting dollars back into the local economy. With a $1 billion annual economic impact and nearly 700 people employed at the airport, supporting LAN means supporting the community. Community support allows us to continue improving and expanding our operations, including adding new services and updating our facilities. You can support your local airport by telling your airline that LAN is your preferred airport, and most importantly, fly Lansing every time you travel!

aerial photo of the capital, split up into rectangles, original photo by Ryan Latourette

What Makes LAN Different

Easy & Affordable Parking

Short-term and long-term parking is located right outside the terminal, saving you precious minutes as you're arriving and departing.

Short Security Wait Times

Less foot traffic means we can get you through security quickly, so you have plenty of time to find your gate and relax before your flight.

Close to Home

Forget about driving long distances to the nearest major airport. Stay close to home and cut down significantly on travel time.

Connect to the World

Fly nonstop year-round to major hubs like Detroit, Chicago, and Washington D.C. where you can catch a connecting flight to nearly any destination in the world. Seasonally, you can fly nonstop to vacation destinations like Cancun and Punta Cana without the hassle of flying through larger metro hubs.

Services & Amenities

We're here to serve your needs. Whether you’re looking for food and supplies or accessibility assistance, our terminal has the services and amenities you need to feel comfortable and prepared for your journey.
Learn More About Services & Amenities
snacks and drinks available at the airport

Experience Lansing

Lansing is a vibrant capital city with a community feel. From museums to sports to educational institutions, there’s something for everyone. LAN is proud of our community and we’re excited to share it with you.

Learn What Lansing Has to Offer
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