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Airport Badging Process

Step One

Complete an airport badging application before your first visit and bring it to your appointment. During your first visit, an airport badging official will review and verify your application, conduct fingerprinting, and submit your information to TSA for the Security Threat Assessment (STA).

Download Badging Application (complete before first visit)

All applicants will need to bring TWO forms of TSA approved identification or documentation when applying for your initial badge or renewing your ID. 

List of Acceptable Documents

All badging applications must be signed by an Authorized Signatory. Any company with badging needs must have a trained Authorized Signatory for their organization, who can officially sign badging applications for their employees. Please contact the badging office for additional information on how to become an Authorized Signatory. 


Step Two

At your second visit you will be required to complete badge and security training. The specific training will depend on the type of ID badge you're applying for. Training is required for your initial badge and annually for badge renewals. Once training is complete, you'll receive your airport ID badge.

Badging Information

Get Started

To start the badging process, all employees and vendors must schedule a badging appointment online using the link below. Please do not contact Airport Operations or the Airport Administration Office to schedule an appointment. After scheduling your first appointment, download the badging application and bring the completed application with you to your first appointment.

Schedule an Appointment

Download Badging Application (must complete before appointment)

Office Information

Appointments are required for badging and training.

Badging Office Hours
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 12 noon and 1 - 4 p.m.

Contact Information
Badging Office: 517-886-3724
Operations Department: 517-321-8525

The office is closed for holidays and special events.

Employee Parking Permits

Airport employees and air carrier crew members who need to park a vehicle at the airport for work purposes may apply for an employee parking permit with the Airport Badging Office. Airport employees who have an airport issued SIDA badge are not required to obtain a separate employee parking permit.

Apply for Parking Permit

Important Badging Documents

  • Badge Guidelines: General information about the badging process including instructions, authorization, appointments, and fees.
  • Badge Application: The first step to acquiring an airport ID badge is to complete this application. You must bring your completed application with you to your first appointment.
  • Fingerprint Application: Applicants are required to undergo a fingerprint-based criminal history record check (CHRC).
  • List of Acceptable Documents: You must provide two government-accepted forms of identification or documentation to apply or renew an airport ID badge. View the full list of acceptable documentation.
  • Privacy Act Notice: In order to receive your airport ID badge, you'll need to review and sign our Privacy Act Notice.
  • Vehicle Registration Request: If you need to park a personal vehicle inside the perimeter of the airport, you'll need to register your vehicle with the Operations Office.