How do I get to the Capital Region International Airport?

What airlines are available from the Capital Region International Airport?

Visit the Airlines & Destinations for a list of airlines, destinations and contact information.

How are airline ticket prices determined?

The pricing of airline tickets are determined completely by the airlines. Prices are based upon the amount of travelers on an aircraft, the cost of operating the aircraft and the competition in the market. Airlines offer various fare (price) levels on each aircraft/flight.

How can I check on a flight’s status?

Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) are located throughout the terminal and provide information about flight arrivals, departures and gates. The same information is available in real time on the Flight Status page. You may also contact the airline for information about a specific flight by visiting their website or calling the respective reservation number.

Can I escort a minor traveling alone or individual needing assistance to their gate?

Gate passes are issued at the discretion of the airline. When the traveler checks in at the ticket counter, ask an airline representative. For the airline to issue a gate pass, you will need valid government issued photo identification. For more information, please contact the airline prior to arriving at the airport.

What identification is required to clear security?

Passengers age 18 and older must present photo identification, such as a passport, driver’s license or a military ID, issued by a local, state or federal government agency, or two forms of non-photo identification, such as a Social Security card, one of which must have been issued by a state or federal government agency. For more information, call the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Contact Center toll-free at 866-289-9673 during the following hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m., and Saturday, Sunday and holidays from
10 a.m. until 6 p.m. You may also email TSA-ContactCenter@dhs.gov.

What type of documentation is required for minors without a valid form of identification?

The airlines and the Transportation Security Administration currently do not require a valid form of identification from passengers under the age of 18. Please visit www.tsa.gov for additional information on security screening.

Where do I go for lost or delayed luggage?

Visit the airline ticket counter or contact an airline customer service agent for further information. Lost baggage is the sole responsibility of the airline you are flying.

How do I contact airport Lost & Found?

  • If you lost an item at a Security Screening Checkpoint, call the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at 517-886-7012.

  • For items lost in other parts of the airport terminal, call the airport’s Public Safety office at 517-321-8525. 

  • If an item was lost on a flight, please contact the airline directly.

Does the airport offer luggage storage facilities?

No. Due to current security procedures there at no lockers or baggage check areas in the airport terminal.

What parking options are available at the Capital Region International Airport?

The Capital Region International Airport offers easy access to the terminal with Short-Term and Long-Term parking options. View the daily and hourly rates available.

Can I pick up an arrival passenger in front of the terminal?

Yes. Domestic waiting passengers may be picked up in front of the baggage claim area at the west end of the terminal. International waiting passengers may be picked up in front of the International arrivals area at the east end of the terminal. Please note vehicles are not to be left unattended at any time.

May I park, even for a few minutes, in front of the terminal?

No. Please do not park in front of the terminal. Due to heightened security measures, vehicles left unattended at the terminal curb will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense.

Where can I get a taxi?

Ground transportation, including taxi, limousine service and car rental, is available at the west end of the terminal adjacent to baggage claim. Visit the Ground Transportation page for further details.

How can I advertise my company in the Capital Region International Airport?

Visit the In-Airport Advertising page for details.

Does the airport offer wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) access?

Yes. Free Wi-Fi Internet access is available throughout the Capital Region International Airport terminal.

Do you have an ATM in the terminal?

Yes. An ATM is available near the main terminal doors, prior to security, inside of the Capital Region International Airport.

How can I have someone paged in the terminal?

Please call the airport’s Public Safety office at 517-321-8525.

How do I obtain additional information not found on the website?

For more information about the Lansing Capital Region International Airport, please call the Capital Region Airport Authority office at 517-321-6121.

Who do I contact to volunteer at the airport?

RSVP (Retired & Senior Volunteer Programs) is the organization that coordinates the volunteers at the airport. They can be reached at 517-887-6116 or http://www.rsvp-lansing.com.